What information do I need to make a claim?
It is important that you obtain as much documentation as possible at the time the situation occurs, as it can be difficult to obtain some documents. 

Get a written medical report or certificate from your treating doctor or specialist that clearly explains the medical condition.

Keep originals of all documents that you submit electronically.

Lodge your claim at the latest within thirty (30) days of the situation that gives rise to your claim.
How do I make a claim?
Making a claim is straightforward

Claim online

Or email us at

How long does it take to process a claim?
The insurers will process your claim within the rules set out in the General Insurance Code of Practice.

This will be helped a lot if you can be sure to have as much of the necessary documentation to submit with your claim. 

Once the insurers have all the information we need, your claim will be processed within ten business days of receiving a completed online claim and information.

The insurer will let you know in writing if they need additional information.