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When you partner with Coverhero, you’ll be making a tangible difference to the physical, financial and mental wellbeing of everyday Australians who are out there giving it a go in the real world. 

From strategic partnerships to platform integrations and from innovative collaborations to PR activations, we want partners who share our vision and are not afraid to shout to be heard. 

We’re always on the lookout for like-minded businesses who share our view on supporting and improving the lives of gig workers and self-employed people from the beaches to the bush. 

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One of the most reputable general insurers inIndia, our company provide coverage to people across the nation's demographics and the business sector with its broad range of services, including personal accident insurance, marine insurance, and everything else in between

  • Injury Benefit, 85 % weekly income
  • Sickness Benefit, 85 % weekly income
  • Death Benefit
  • Permanent Disability Benefit
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We are hustlers like you.
We want to live in a world of inclusion, belonging, wellbeing, financial stability, peace, harmony, economic success, and environmental sustainability
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