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How To Improve Employee Well-Being

Health & Wellness
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Mar 22, 2022
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Patricia Opsima

The employee is the foundation of any success of the company. As a business owner, you need employees to get the job done and to take their priorities straight. Without them, their target customers won’t be recognized, and their success won’t be established. Prioritization is also essential for work since you put something important first on top of anything else than something lesser. Prioritizing the mental well-being of your employees is important so the company can continue running and booming! According to a 2019 article from Chron, successful employees can meet deadlines on time and build a bridge between the customer and the company relationship gap. They can also create a positive environment for people to work and boost other workers’ motivation to work actively!

But to create a healthy environment for your employees, how can you improve your well-being first? Since health is the foundation of any active person, you should know how to approach your employees positively, which may be the very least that you can do. If you want to improve on how to prioritize them, then here are some tips for you! According to a recent article created by Oak Engage, there’s a difference between Employee Engagement and Employee Well-being. Employee Well-being may refer to the Employee’s overall health, such as Physical and Mental Health, Emotional Health, Social Relationships, and Financial Stability. On the other hand, Employee Engagement may refer to employees achieving the assigned goals and completing the assigned tasks for them.

Now you know the difference, let’s move on to how you can improve an employee’s well-being!

1. Learn how to communicate

Collaboration with Co-Workers

Communication can help you learn more about your employees. Quality communication can help eliminate problems and promote excellent performance in a workplace. This can determine how they’re feeling and how their emotions may affect their quality performance in the work space. Here are some techniques to start effective communication in a work space:

  • Arrange a meeting
  • Try doing small talks
  • Listen attentively
  • Take the initiative and think before you talk

2. Hear your employees out


Don’t leave your employees hanging when it comes to suggestions, especially if it involves having a stable and toxic-free work space. Putting your employees’ needs can help them feel more motivated and excel in their personal and occupational experiences. Make them feel that their workplace can be their safe place too, where they are comfortable even though it involves a lot of tasks. Making them feel comfortable and welcome can help boost their productivity and morale!

3. Appreciation

Harmonious Workplace

Learn how to appreciate your employees even in the simplest things, even those who take a lot of work. Stress in the workplace is very common, but giving them the appreciation they want to hear can help them feel appreciated even though they’re receiving heavy workloads; this can help them finish the task you had assigned to them. Employee recognition and appreciation can let them know that your company cares about them and the achievement they had gained over the past few years or months of hard work that they had received from you. Here are some benefits of appreciation for an employee’s well-being:

  • It improves an employee’s productivity.
  • Appreciation also helps with morale.
  • It also builds trust and staff loyalty.

Appreciation is a powerful tool for employees as it creates an impact on one employee to another!

4. Help them accept criticism

Being Open with Co-Workers

While some employees take criticism personally, you should also teach them how to handle this professionally to improve their work performance. Though it can be destructive, you should point out what area of the work space they should enhance to provide you with quality work performance that can affect the company’s productivity. Here is an article published by Chron on How to Handle Criticism in a Workplace to learn how to handle criticism. Here are also some benefits of constructive criticism in the workplace:

  • It provides professional development.
  • Strong working relationships, and;
  • Overall the company’s organizational growth.

5. Help them realize the Importance of Work-Life Balance

De-stressing after work

Introducing flexibility in a workplace can help your employees know that they can still live their life to the fullest without giving almost all of their time to their work. Help your employees also understand the importance of flexibility so they can adapt to sudden changes and demands in the work space. This way, they can manage with sudden stress that they might experience in the future.

Key Takeaway:

Prioritizing your employee’s well-being can also mean prioritizing the customer service you want to provide for your target audience. This can also improve the growth of the company’s development leading to more achievements and milestones that the company must face along with the growth of their employees. To create a healthy environment for the employees to work in, a leader must help them be comfortable in their workplace and enable them to grow as a person of society and as an employee that seeks professional growth.

Patricia Opsima

SEO Specialist
Health & Wellness

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