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Hustle + Meetmagic = Awesome!

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Mar 22, 2022
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Written By:
Patricia Opsima

If you are a gig economy worker, the chances are that you are now looking for work and wondering where your next paycheck is going to come from. The only upside in that is that 

  1. you’re are not alone;
  2. there are signs the infection rate has plateaued; and 
  3. things may start returning to normal in the near future.  

Last year, a survey of 14,000 people found that 15.5% of respondents considered income from gig work "essential for meeting their basic needs".  A further 23.4% said it was an "important part of overall income...".  The survey also found that

  • younger people are working through digital platforms in higher proportions than other demographic groups; and
  • people who are living with a disability, temporary residents, and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds seek work through digital platforms.

For these groups, the loss of their gig income can be devastating, as the COVID19 pandemic has unfortunately demonstrated. Carl Gough, Founder of meetmagic, knows this and the challenges gig workers face - not just in the current situation, but in traditional working situations.

Meetmagic is a business-to-business software platform connecting corporate decision-makers with the technology start-up and innovation market.  It is a relatively new business, with a smaller workforce. The magic here is that for each connection that meetmagic generates, they earn a $1000 fee; 50% of which is donated to charity.  Vendors, which include Silicon Valley-based security companies and network inventors, pay a subscription fee to the meetmagic platform. This subscription allows them to access details of and request meetings with executives.

When Carl saw Coverhero's insurance cover for gig workers he saw a solution to the potential risk his employees faced if, due to sickness or injury, they could not continue with their daily hustle or side gig. What he did next was amazing. He told his employees to checkout Coverhero'ssuite of products and if they purchased a policy...he would pay for it.  Not out of their salary, but out of his pocket!  Why would he suggest that?  Well, for a number of reasons.  

Firstly, Coverhero specifically covers gig workers, home business owners, yoga instructors, pet walkers, social media influencers etc. 

Secondly, Coverhero is an insurtech start-up that delivers cheaper and faster products using its Cloud Cover System and AI processing capabilities. Their excess period of 14 days is one of the shortest in the Australian market.  

Thirdly, Coverhero’s products under the Hustlecover brand, Gigster, Gigster Pro and Hustle Pro  provide Injury, Sickness and Permanent Disability benefits for income levels of $500, $1000 and $2000 per week. The stepped nature of these products allows gig workers to buy insurance cover that matches their needs, at a price they can afford.

Finally, Coverhero has partnered with QuickaPay to allow customers to pay for their cover in six equal instalments over a ten week period.  The cost of this premium funding is just 5% of the total premium.

If you are a gig worker, or better still, an awesome people leader like Carl you should consider the benefits of getting hassle free, Hustlecover for you and those nearest and dearest to you. 

Patricia Opsima

SEO Specialist
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