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Insurance for Social Influencers in Australia

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Aug 22, 2022
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Patricia Opsima

Influencers have become an essential part of marketing, especially for small businesses that don't have the budget to hire a full-time PR or marketing team. The rise of influencer marketing has led to new risks, as well. Without an influencer insurance policy in place, you could lose everything if something goes wrong with one of your sponsored posts. Let's take a look at why every business needs an influencer insurance policy and how to find one that works for you!

What is influencer insurance?

Influencer insurance is a type of media insurance that provides protection for the influencer and their business. It’s also known as “social influencer policy.”

Influencer insurance provides the following benefits:

  • Protects you from being sued or prosecuted for something you’ve posted on social media or elsewhere online
  • It helps you avoid fines, legal fees, loss of income and other damages from a court case or other legal action taken against you by someone who has been negatively affected by your content

Some social media influencers may be familiar with this type of coverage through a policy provided by their employer. Influencer insurance is not just for social media influencers, though. It also covers online writers, bloggers and others who work in the media. Influencer insurance can help protect you from lawsuits, fines and legal fees if your content is found to be defamatory or violates copyright laws.

Why do influencers need insurance?

  • Influencers are not covered by regular media insurance.
  • Many influencers are more likely to be sued than traditional journalists.
  • In Australia, there are many different types of lawsuits that can arise from social media posts.

* Libel and slander. Influencers are more likely to be sued for libel or slander than traditional journalists because they're not protected by the same laws as them. Social media posts must comply with defamation laws of every Australian state, which can vary depending on whether your content is considered "news" or "non-news."

* Copyright infringement. Influencers are more likely to be sued for copyright infringement if they use images from photo stock sites like Getty Images or Shutterstock without paying a fee to the person who uploaded them.

* Defamation. Influencers are more likely to be sued for defamation if they spread rumours about someone that isn't true or say something negative about an event/person but don’t disclose their affiliation with them. 

* Negligence. Influencers are more likely to be sued for negligence if they post a sponsored product review without doing proper research on whether it’s safe or not.

* Misrepresentation. Influencers are more likely to be sued for misrepresentation if they act as though they are an authority on a subject without disclosing any personal interest in it (e.g., by not disclosing that a brand is paying them). They can also post inaccurate information and then be held liable when people believe what they’ve said.

* Invasion of privacy. Influencers are more likely to be sued for invasion of privacy if they post something that violates another person's right to private life and family affairs.

What kind of insurance does an influencer need?

Influencer insurance is different from other kinds of insurance because it covers the risk of your brand being associated with something negative.

Social influencers can face many types of risks. They might need protection in their personal lives, such as protecting their privacy or health. Or they might need cover for their business activities, like if they create a new product line that doesn't work out as planned.

Influencer insurance policies are flexible and often provide an attractive range of benefits that will suit most needs:

  • Hefty legal fees - You can choose to have legal expenses paid by the policy if you're sued for defamation or slander by someone who thinks your content has damaged them personally or professionally. This can also include court costs and compensation for damages (if applicable).
  • Public liability - If someone is injured because of something related to your blog post about how easy it is to make flambeed potatoes in a wok, then this type of insurance covers those costs too! It's very useful if something goes wrong during an event sponsored by one or more brands; there's no need to worry about whether or not everyone involved would be covered financially (which often isn't).

How to get influencer insurance?

If you're looking to insure your social media accounts, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Look for insurance companies that offer a range of policies like Coverhero. Some insurers may not understand the risks involved with social influencer work, or they may be unable to provide coverage for certain situations. Look for an insurer that understands the needs of social influencers and can offer you coverage at an affordable price.
  • Choose an insurer with positive reviews from other customers. If the company offers good customer service and is reputable within the industry, it's more likely that they'll be able to provide you with quality coverage as well.

Finding the right influencer insurance policy can be difficult, but it's essential for protecting your business from serious risk.

Finding the right influencer insurance policy can be difficult, but it's essential for protecting your business from serious risk.

Social influencers are a powerful tool for marketers and businesses alike. Recognition and engagement rates are much higher when using an established social media personality with an engaged audience to promote your product or service. But what if something goes wrong? Who is legally responsible for any damages caused by an influencer's actions?

In addition to protecting yourself against potential fake followers, click farms, bots and other fraudulent activity—which could result in negative publicity—it's important that you have the appropriate insurance policy in place before working with any influencers.

Key Takeaway:

If you're looking for social media insurance, we've got you covered.

Social media influencers have become a hot new trend in the advertising world, with brands clamouring to hire them. But while it might seem like an easy way to reach millennials, there are some risks involved. In addition to the possibility of being sued by dissatisfied customers, these influencers need insurance for social media as well as their own personal liability coverage.

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