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Ten Important Life Lessons For A Uni Student

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May 26, 2022
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Patricia Opsima

Being a university student is thrilling. Everything feels like new, uncharted waters. Being young also means being unaware of such a beautiful gift. You’re ready, and so you think, which is good, you’ll need that unthinking assurance. You’re most certainly equipped with the soundtrack of your life, the tune that might serenade your adventurous journey through the halls of college life.

It’s extremely interesting to be in that position. A mix of so many old and new emotions, you wouldn’t even have time to focus on it, it is more likely a stage where meditation is unreasonably time-consuming.

1. Goal-Oriented

Goal-Oriented Uni Student

Do not lose sight of your goal, which is to pass each and every one of your tests. It's easy to get distracted and end up a long way away from where you want to be. It would mean a lot to be preoccupied with the most detrimental things. Remind yourself of your original purpose for being there. To accomplish that, you must engage in and complete the required coursework.

2. Discipline

Disciplined Uni Student

The term "discipline" is a mainstay of any institution's creed or vision since it is a prescription for success in any endeavor. The goal is to finish university on schedule or sooner rather than later. No one wants to be left in the dust, and this is a good thing. Certainly, everyone has their own pace, but if you can, pick up the pace because everyone else is going to be quicker, stronger, and more intelligent than you.

Use the advice you've received to make the most of your brief journey. Keep in mind that the only people who stay in university longer are the professors. Spend your time wisely. To be successful, setting realistic goals and adhering to a timetable is critical.

3. Focus


Concentrate solely on what you need to do to graduate and nothing else. If you're not organized in college, you'll have a difficult time getting anything done. Timelines, missions, and journeys all demand your attention.

Focus on both your academics and how to improve your ability to focus. Often neglected, the moment you realize you've lost your attention can be so detrimental that it requires a lot of effort from you to recover.

4. Friends

Making Friends in Uni

There is this old adage ‘tell me who your friends are, and I’ll tell you who you are”. This sentence rings true in the academic arena. Your friends would play a big part in this journey. It would either make or break you, so it is wise to choose your friends with utter caution. The wrong ones are usually most inviting, and the right ones can be quite a bore. 

This is why you’ll have to remember your purpose, and that is to get out of college as soon as possible, to graduate. To achieve that goal, you must surround yourself with goal-oriented friends, too, those who are focused and would never allow distracting you or themselves from anything that might affect, halt, or hinder the pursuit of graduating from college. 

5. Social Circle

Social Circles in Uni

The members of your social circle that you refer to as "acquaintances" make up a significant fraction of that group. It is essential to use caution while selecting new acquaintances because some of these people may become lifelong friends. There are circles of people who are more interested in academics or sports, and there are other groups of people who are more interested in lazing around and getting into mischief. You should surround yourself with people that have an attitude focused on achieving their goals.

6. Activities

Fun Extra Curricular Activities in Uni

You may participate in an after-school program that involves singing or trying out for a team in a sport that you have an interest in playing. Participating in a variety of different activities, such as internships and volunteer work, can contribute to one's education and learning in ways that cannot be achieved solely by taking classes at a college or university.

It is essential to have a competitive spirit, but not for the sake of achieving victory. You are going to experience failure, and the most valuable lessons will come from your failures. Learning opportunities abound in competitive settings, and this is especially true when one is pitted against one's own superior self.

7. Excellence

Importance of Excellence in Uni

Always aim for excellence in whatever it is that you accomplish. This is not only important for the sake of finishing the task at hand; rather, it is essential for the development of a healthy habit or discipline. You will be able to use what you've gained from this experience in any circumstance because those skills are so transferable. The achievement of excellence is not a one-time occurrence but rather the product of consistent effort and the incorporation of lessons learned from previous setbacks.

8. Relationships

Building Relationships in Uni

Because the health of your relationships will determine the success of this journey, you should make time in your schedule to focus on strengthening those ties. A relationship is comprised of more than just the two persons who are currently involved in it. Even though you are far away from home, try your best to spend time with the people you care about. It is essential to seek support from the people who are closest to you, such as your parents and siblings, even though it is possible that university will be challenging for you.

Bear in mind that not all of your buddies from college will remain in your life after graduation (spoiler alert), but it's wonderful to think of them as friends while you still have the opportunity to do so. Be kind to everyone you come into contact with and make an effort to gain knowledge from them, whether it be the campus security guards, the janitor at the institution, or the professors.

9. Enjoy

Enjoying Uni with Friends

Make the most of your university experience, a no-brainer here. Say yes to the road trip, the beach vacation, the party, or just a night of fun. You're a college student now, so you're expected to consider before you do anything insane, so play it safe and put your safety first.

It's never a good idea to overdo it, though, if you can help it. Too much of anything is inherently dangerous, as the adage goes.

10. Balance

Balancing Fun and Academics

The cherry on top of every college life is to enjoy it, but the cone that holds everything together is the formula of balance. This is one of the most important key factors not only in the university but also in life in general. Balance work, study, relationships, social circles, and having fun. 

Uni Students Graduating

When you look back on your university years, you'll remember the genuine laughter, the kind that makes tears fall, sincere apologies, soulful sentimental moments, and eureka moments more than the ordeal of having to go through the mental technicalities of schoolwork. You'll remember the silly moments, the campus faces, and the eccentric professors. These are the things that will stick with you in the long run. Schoolwork is necessary, so put in the effort and do your best, but don't lose sight of what's most important. It's the intangibles that fill your soul and nurture your spirit, the moments that leave you with priceless impressions.

Patricia Opsima

SEO Specialist
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