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Top 5 Meditation Music

Health & Wellness
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Mar 22, 2022
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Written By:
Patricia Opsima

As you meditate, you’re feeling the flow of peacefulness in your body. Every breath is just relaxing, safe, and stress-free. Even sleepy, you’re not supposed to feel that sleepy, but why? Probably because you’re meditating dully, an effective way to prevent this is to practice meditation with some background music! Why? According to the verywellmind, meditating with music can lift the mood while you meditate. It can also slow your breathing and create stress-inducing changes. 

Music can even help you relax more and focus on your meditation, though when we talk about music, we’re not talking about the casual music you’ve been listening to. We’re talking about some calm and relaxing background music that will help you towards your meditation journey. Though not only music meditation can be used for actual meditation. You can also play meditation music if you want to focus on your work that has an upcoming deadline or simply want to calm down to prevent your anxiety from rising as you work on something or study something.  Meditation Music also has its benefits too which are the following:

  • Stress and Anxiety Relief
    Listening to soft and calming music can help reduce anxiety and stress levels, especially during meditation, unlike listening to loud music.
  • Sleep
    Listening to meditation music can also prepare your body to sleep which lowers your heart rate and blood pressure and eases muscle tension causing your body to relax and drift away to sleep!
  • Deeper Meditation
    Practitioners have discovered that meditating while you listen to some calming music. In contrast, you meditate or do something that creates a calm and soothing atmosphere to help you focus and relax.
  • Improved Physical Health
    Just by calming yourself down with some soothing music, your physical and mental well-being can surprisingly improve. Calming yourself will help your body heal over time if you’re experiencing some unresolved body pain.
  • Concentration
    Listening to some calm music can also help you finish your work on time! According to the Florida National University, listening to music while you do some tasks activates both sides of your brain, leading to maximised learning and memory, which can also help you focus on what you’re doing.
  • Suitable with “Me” time and Yoga
    Of course, doing a relaxing time for yourself or doing Yoga mediation with tunes can help you relax and feel yourself more!
  • Healthy Meals
    As you lower your stress, this also reduces your unhealthy habits, especially if they involve eating. Stress eating may significantly affect your life when it comes to your weight and diseases. Listening to calm music and participating in meditations can help you prevent the negative side effects of stress!

Now that you know the benefits of meditation music, we are here to be your guide when it comes to the basics of Meditation music. Since there are fourteen genres of them, it might even take you a while before finding what suits you, so try this recommended meditation music as you try finding what type of meditation music is suitable for you!

  1. Relaxing Piano Music by Spirit Awakening (Posted by Relax King)
    This one-hour-long meditation music can be easily found on YouTube. The sound of the waters in the music video can help you feel a new environment as you relax your body and mind. The song was released in 2018 and was posted on a YouTube channel called ‘Relax King’ under the genre of New Age, so if you want to check this one out while you work, it would be worth it. I think the background music is suitable before you sleep so you can feel calm as you try to sleep at night!

  2. Beautiful Piano, Harp, Cello, Flute, and Violin Music by Peder B. Helland
    This playlist is posted by Peder B. Helland and is three hours long, so you would feel relaxed if you were working for three hours straight as well! You would also feel focused as you type down what you need to work on.

  3.  Stress Relief, Relaxing Music, Deep Sleeping Music by Music for Sleeping (Posted by The Soul of Wind)
    This music is three hours long, though not in a playlist. It was posted last year on April 11th. It was used mainly by students to study if they ever want to focus on reviewing for their upcoming examinations or the need to advance study for their following lessons.

  4. Best Meditation Music Collection by Meditation Zen
    This Playlist can be found on Spotify and has over fifty meditation music composed and posted by artist Meditation Zen in Spotify. The whole playlist is three hours and fifty-six minutes long, so you won’t feel bored as you meditate or do other things.

  5. World Yoga by Putumayo Presents
    According to
    Seattle Yoga News, World Yoga by Putumayo is listed first on the Top 10 Yoga and Meditation Music with a 4.7-star ranking with 122 reviews. The album’s price ranges from $9.49 to $13.69. If you want to buy just for your peace of mind, then World Yoga by Putumayo is for you! 

Key Takeaway:

Meditating through Music

Don’t pressure yourself as you work on certain things. Try to relax and enjoy them so you can finish them with a happy sigh and smile while you continue working on your responsibilities. Rewarding yourself with a good night’s rest or a warm shower with your usual self-care routine will surely get you through the day! Though before doing some new things that can change your daily way, learn to understand yourself first before engaging in further actions that you may or may not enjoy!

Patricia Opsima

SEO Specialist
Health & Wellness

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