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Top 7 Apps For Business Productivity

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Mar 22, 2022
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Written By:
Patricia Opsima

There are times that we choose to laze around rather than focus on our jobs and sometimes forget the tasks that we are supposed to do. Though there are times that we are productive, we still feel low on energy even if we’re optimistic about doing something. We even check our phones from time to time and consider them productive, but in reality, we waste a lot of time checking our social media applications. There may be times that you set alarms and schedules on your phone just to check what event is next and what should you pass on time, but are these enough to increase your productivity? 

Maybe the alarm you set up isn’t an alarm, but the calculations on your phone’s calculator or the memos on your calendar aren’t really on your calendar, but it’s just on your notes, even the list of tasks you created, can they alert you to finish them on time? Finding apps that might be suitable for you and to help you be more productive on your job is our goal! And we are here to recommend you some apps that may boost your Business Productivity:

  1. Forest
    If you are easily distracted by social media websites and apps like YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, this extension/application is just for you. Forest aims to block unnecessary websites and only allows you to open necessary websites to focus on your work. This feature can only go on with the time you set on the extension/application’s timer, but the virtual tree and forest you’re growing will decay if you force the application to stop. An exciting fact about this application is that the virtual tree you’re growing on your device is an actual tree planted in any part of the world that needs forest restoration! The more you focus on this application, the more trees you can grow worldwide!

  2. Google Workspace
    Another popular application on the list is Google Workspace. Everyone has used this application since you can access it on Google. You can use the whole Google Workspace by having a Google account like Microsoft 365! Google Workspace can also become a collaborative workspace for people working in groups with the same project.
    Unfortunately, the accessible Google Workspace has a storage of 15 Gigabytes which includes all of your e-mails and other files you had created on the Workspace. You can track all of them down using Google Drive, which is the place where all of your projects are placed. To add more storage features for your Drive, you need to buy storage from the Drive itself that ranges from $1.99 to $29.99 or upgrade your Workspace plan to Business Starter (which starts at $4.20) or Enterprise (requires you to contact sales).
    Overall, Google Workspace is great when it comes to collaborative business work!
  3. Todoist
    Todoist is a task management application and has become an Editor’s Choice application on the Google Play Store and the Featured application on the Apple App Store! It helps you manage your task throughout the day or the week, and this Freemium app can even let you customize your labels and templates. You can also remind your team of a set of tasks for them to do. Todoist’s prices range from $3 to $5 per month.
  4. Trello
    Like Todoist, Trello is a task management application, and it is an easy-to-use app when it comes to collaborative work. According to True North, Trello’s platform is based on Kanban board philosophy originating from Japan. The Freemium site/application can help you track your work as you can organize them as ongoing work, a to-do task throughout the day, or tick them out as a done project! Regarding pricing, Trello’s Plan ranges from $5, their Standard Plan, $10 for their Premium plan, and $17.50 for their Enterprise plan. Trello also allows you to work with other people as a group to complete any task assigned to them successfully.
  5. Evernote
    Evernote is a Freemium site and application that allows you to organize your tasks and take notes. The site and application can be downloadable for both android and apple phones! Evernote allows the user to take photos, upload them to the app/website, and even scan a barcode if you ever needed a pocket barcode scanner. You can also customize your text’s fonts and highlight them in this app! Evernote’s Plan pricing would start at $7.99 if you chose the Personal Plan and $9.99 for the Professional Plan.
  6. Toggl
    Toggl is a Premium site and application that allows you to organize your tasks and track how much you spend time on a specific task. When it comes to collaborative work, you can quickly determine what assigned job an individual is excelling. Toggl aims for users to do their jobs quickly without any pressure as they track how much they focus on a specific task! Toggl’s Plan would start at $8 per month if you got a small team, and you can easily divide the payment per user who uses the platform. If you have a large group that works with clients, the Business Plan would be suitable for you, starting at $13.35.
  7. Habitica
    If you want an exciting application for Productivity, then try using Habitica! Habitica is your typical task organizing application and site with a twist of RPG–If you’re interested in playing Role-Playing Games. Since it’s an RPG type of time management application, you can also level up and claim items as you complete your tasks, which can help you boost your productivity as you enjoy completing your customized quests!

Key Takeaway:

Efficiency at Work Starts with Productivity

Being productive can not only mean that you’re productive on your job, but you are also constantly moving to create a healthy environment for your well-being! Using applications or sites to assist you in boosting your productivity can help you train yourself to improve more when it comes to doing your job and your lifestyle.


Patricia Opsima

SEO Specialist

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